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Art heals yourself, others, community and the earth

Art and healing and shamanism

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Why are art and healing and shamanism lovers ?

The first artist and first healer were one person- the shaman priestess artist

The first art found was cave paintings of shamanic dancing

The first healing had altars with art inside

The first dances were to heal- (Boiling Energy Katz)

The first music was drumming to raise the cone of energy and induce trance to heal

The first words were poems hymns to invoke energy

The first visual art was costumes to invoke animal spirits

Think about it

Take it seriously

Its not a game

Art heals, healing needs art. The artist healer is the contemporary shaman

You are…

Now, make art, to heal yourself, others, community and earth

Like humans did for hundreds of thousands of years

One thought on “Art and healing and shamanism

  1. Thanks for the info.
    I will keep coming back for more.
    I hope you update often.



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